But first, a story...

I was just told the story of the discovery of diamonds in Africa. Seems that this dude was visiting Africa when he noticed some of the native children playing with sparkling marbles. After looking at one he realized they were diamonds. He asked the chief if he could trade some tobacco for two of the marbles. The chief said it wouldn't be a fair trade as he had a whole mountain of them. But he did anyway, and the dude took them back to Europe and became rich.

I have come across one of these superb jewels here, and I am taking it home to give to you free if charge. Just remember we are not talking about marbles here.

When I was a kid, I was taught that space is empty. It was a cold and black, a void, a vacuum. they said. (I think that most of the world's population exposed to science still believes this.) But as I grew older I come to discover (From some rather unusual experiences) that space is not empty, instead it is full. And, indeed this is how it is taught in the esoteric philosophies. I came to call this INSIDE SPACE and inagined various conjectures about it. Inside Space is a PURE energy, I surmised, that is - an energy not doing anything. (Picture a block of ice.) If it were doing something it would be something and not PURE.

This kind of pours water on the whole idea of making this discovery "scientific" because by definition Inside Space cannot be measured. So I thought about looking at the interface between Inside and outside space. Things actually happening that could only occur IF there were an inside space. I didn't consider such things as ESP because it is difficult to "prove" or duplicate, and controversial.. I'd rather do it at the physics level, where it is simple, so I wondered about such things as the

quark confinement problem, (quarks bound together in the nucleus of atoms cannot be pulled apart, all energy spent to pull them apart is resisted by an equuivalent energy holding them together, where does this energy come from?)

virtual particles (particles appear out of nowhere, and disappear again, presumbably before they violate conservation laws...),

anti-particles (All particles have an antiparticle, where does this antiparticle exist?)

Synchronicity? Meaningful coincidences. Forget the theory, how could this

Non-locality; however you call it, something strange is going on between
atomic particles, as if there is still someting inbetween them even when they
are separated.

"How does an atom keep on moving?" Based on modern conventional science, it appears that all matter is a perpetual motion machine...

Think about this for a while. There is no scientific account for "how" atomic particles exist. The standard hypothesis about why electrons don't decay in their orbit is that, very simply put, they "can't". The electrons are locked into their orbits. This was not a satisfying answer to me, so I put the idea on a shelf...

Until now.

At this very moment we (you and I) are partaking in a scientific paradigm
shift with profound implications and ramifications the likes of which we
have never seen since Galileo. We are watching the scientific discovery of
a whole new kind of energy, an energy not subject to the first and second
laws, something way deeper, in a foundational dimension we never observed
knowingly until now. If you want it quick, we now know HOW we are
interconnected "in the deep."

Laszlo is right, we are "islands on a pond, separated at the surface,
connected in the deep." And while we all "knew" we were "interconnected" did
anyone really know HOW? Here is where all our knowledge failed,
interconnectedness as a metaphor or world-view worked for most of us, but
still could not be explained in a scientific manner. We didn't know how
everything is interconnected. I believe that after science establishes the
SOURCE, an infinite zero point quantum energy, as an accepted concept, a
radical reorientation of all scientific knowledge will ensue. Everything will
have to be re-figured out.(And just when we thought we almost knew it all)
And re-invented.

This discovery begins a brand new science (paradigm) , a new ontology that
includes nothing as an ontological object and a new definition of "nothing"
Or to be more precise what we thought was nothing.


You have been invited to the party...


In a message dated 5/31/99 4:39:07 PM, Thommandel writes to the quantum-mind list.

<< ...Which reminds me of a question: Does an electron radiate energy while in its "orbit?" I understand that it does at least enough to create magnetism. I also understand that the electron does not decay and fall into the nucleus because it is locked in its orbit, it can't fall. But that doesn't explain where all this energy is coming from to keep it in orbit whether or not it can fall in the first place. I think that all subatomic particles are fed energy continuously from the INSIDE of space.
tom >>


[Hal Puthoff ]

This is explained in my paper: H. E. Puthoff, "The Ground state of hydrogen as a zero-point-fluctuation-determined state," Phys. Rev. D vol 35, p. 3266, 1987. It is as you say: absorption of energy from the vacuum fluctuations just balances radiation due to acceleration in the orbit. The balance exists (and is stable) only for the Bohr-orbit ground state.


[tom] << So what you are saying is that all radiated energy from atomic particles is balanced by an energy input from the vacuum!? How come this wasn't touted as a great discovery of quantum physics? tom >>


[Hal Puthoff]

Among a certain group of physicists (those interested in the physics of vcuum fluctuations) it is touted. I have provided over 500 reprints. A nice "tout" was presented in the 9 Jul 1987 issue of New Scientist, p. 26, in an article titled "Why atoms don't collapse."


[tom]<< Have you read Laslo's work on the infinite zero point quantum vacuum field? tom>>

[Hal Puthoff]

He has interviewed me at length, arranged for me to address the Gorbachev World Forum on the issue of a new paradigm in physics, and I do have his books. Attached is a recent summary of the "zero-point-energy" work, that covers much more than just the atom collapse issue. It is a paper presented at a NASA conference on "Breakthrough Propulsion Physics."

Best regards,


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Date: 6/5/99 1:04:34 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (Joe Firmage)
To: Thommandel@AOL.COM

I agree that this is a seminal piece of work. The true nature of "energy in
Space" (more to the point, the very *definition* of "Space" and "energy")
will soon be demonstrated to represent the greatest paradigm shift in
physics since Galileo, with similarly staggering philosophical implications.

In the process, the presumed limits of humanity's reach across the Cosmos --
and by unequivocal implication, those of extraterrestrial life -- that have
been in place for 90 years will be swept away.

This group will find particularly interesting the first installment in the
ISSO's Internet public science education series, to be presented in July
1999. This kickoff for the series will compare and contrast a small, select
number of complementary physics models that I believe are the harbingers of
the sweeping scientific revolutions we're about to witness. Dr. Puthoff's
analysis is one those that will be featured.

Joe Firmage

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Date: 6/6/99 4:03:29 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.)


Indeed. And none too soon! Conventional science has had the
unfortunate effect of making certain scientists feel that they are the
center of the universe, knowing all, and in a position to control
every process.
The new, cosmic consciousness-centered scientific paradigm will
offer a more humbling yet simultaneously more exciting persperctive.
And, in the bargain, we will acknowledge our Distant Cousins, who
have actually been around to assist us for many aeons.

Richard Boylan

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<< Subj: RE: Everything we thought we knew will be swept away.
Date: 6/8/99 8:17:46 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Marcelo Guerra)

Thanks for your information.
I think I have read some similar concepts in the book "The Tao of Physics"
by Fritjof Capra. In it, he talks about some aspects of hinduism as well as
other religions that, I guess in a intuitive way, sensed this ether and some
properties of it.
When I read that book it was a big change of paradigms for me too, as I
started to get a deeper sense of our interconnectedness and of the relevance
of our thoughts....Questions arised, answers have not cristallized yet.
Questions like Do thoughts have a substance? Does this substance travel in
this ''empty' space? Can this substance be measured? Does this have relation
to the notion of an omnipresent vibration? Do you have anything to comment
on that? >>


NO! This is much more deeper than Capra, What Capra did is find the Eastern writings which have always talked about the "whole." What is NEW here is the physical demonstration of an energy source that lies outside of space/time and all the various physical systems. What I am saying is that we now have an (scientifically verfied) infinite energy source that can do anything I'll bet. So all those crazy things that couldn't be explained in our physical universe now have a way to happen. Capra and all of us talked about "interconnectedness" but Puthoff shows us how it is done. . I wish I could find a way to make my point...let me put it this way, perpetual motion machines will again be the rage, as will magic and all the other crazy stuff - anything will be possible.

To answer your questions, Laszlo says that our thoughts are impressed on the quantum vacuum field. But keep in mind that the quantum vacuum is not a substance, it is the ground of all substance. And "travel" is not possible inside the quantum vacuum because there is no place to travel to, jump in and you are already there. So thoughts do not "travel" they just pop up somewhere else.

Laszlo speaks of an interesting experiment by Russian scientists in which they are able to measure the magnetic field of a DNA particle. Neat, eh? Listen to this, when they remove the DNA particle, they still can measure the magnetic field.

Subj: Re: Just a hypothesis?
Date: 7/3/99 7:44:09 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Puthoff
To: Thommandel

In a message dated 6/9/99 9:23:22 PM, Thommandel writes:

<<<< It is based on a paper of mine (Puthoff, 1987) in which I put forth the hypothesis that the nonradiative nature of the ground state is due to a dynamic equilibrium in which radiation emitted due to accelerated electron ground state motion is compensated by absorption from the ZPE. If this hypothesis is true, there exists the potential for energy generation by the application of the techniques of so-called cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED).
Hal, after a while I started wondering exactly what it was that you were saying. You have a hypothesis. Can it be tested? Has it been tested? I'm thinking that thios is much bigger than an experiment, and besides, the real test is that an atom exists. >>

That an atom exists is a test of the underlying physics for those physicists who go there. For the engineer/entrepreneur it's "can it be made to light a light bulb?"

Hal Puthoff

Subj: Re: Announcing: "Islands on a pond, apart on the surface, connected in the deep",
Date: 7/3/99 7:41:16 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Puthoff
To: Thommandel


In a message dated 6/9/99 9:14:20 PM, Thommandel writes:

<<Hal, I'm about to send this to our membership, could you take a look at it and let me know if I am making any serious mistakes?>>

I'm just catching up after a lot of travelling. Looks fine to me.

As to your question of "what about Love?" As you no doubt know, in the pre-scientific era it was stated by many traditions that we were immersed in, and sustained by, a ubiquitous cosmic energy field that undergirded all, and by which Man and Cosmos were interconnected. It went by many names: chi, ki, mana, barakah, elan vital, prana, and Love. The modern-day physicist has his zero-point energy. Perhaps these concepts will meet somewhere in the future.

Hal Puthoff


In a message dated 7/23/99 6:53:09 AM, Thommandel writes:

<<what would it take to talk you into working on distilling sea water>>

In fact, that is one of my main goals. I had an opportunity to brief officials in the Navy, and they told me that the major crisis early in the next century will be the shortage of drinking water, and that desalinization was the only potential save, if a large-scale economical energy source would come on line. I'm workin' on it!



Special Edition
Tomorrow's News Today (TNT)
June 3, 1999

Quantum Physicists Have Discovered That Empty Space is Full:

Science has told us "space"

is empty, a vacuum or void.

The philosophers noted it as

"Being and Nothingness"

Now we know

the atom doesn't just spin forever,

it is fed energy

from inside of space.

That's the only way I can think of

to describe it.

The inside of nothing.

Why atoms don't collaspe

Because nothing is greater than everything


UPDATE November 1999

Hal and I have been corresponding almost every day since. Unfortunately we have not found the ZPIE yet. ZPE is still a physical property, and while it is measured at nearly infinite energy levels, ZPE does not qualify as the infinite energy.source. Not to worry, the difficulty is more methodology than it is actual. Just like the electron gets it's energy from inside, ZPE, being physical, get's it's energy from inside too.