My Love
There are no words that could capture my thoughts

of you

There is nothing I can say that would thank you enough

What I can do is live my life

as if you were here beside me

I've done what I set out to do

The rest is not up to me

If it were up to me

Love would make the world go around

Before you

I lived with a hurt in my chest

I didn't know a smile comes from inside

Now I think of you and my chest almost burns

and I can't help but smile

I don't know why that always makes me laugh

and a teardrop forms

I don't know where you are

or even who you are now

sometimes I wonder if I will ever see you again...


I am alive and well

And I can love at will

I am saddened deeply by the world today

Devil against devil

evil against evil

Someday love will come to the world

I guess we have to cross the land of darkness first

Maybe you think you didn't do much

But you showed me how Love rules

To Love and Not to be Loved



About the mystery ring in my life

So many times at times of strife

It makes me want to cry

to hear it go away, why?
 But you know what?
  It hasn't gone away.
   I love that. It has become my strength
    There's this Zen thing...
     "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, \
      while loving someone deeply gives you courage"
       Lao Tzu
        I remember when I first was driving to your work
         It felt like I was driving out on a limb.of a tree
          But the branch never broke.
           I suppose this is what was meant to be 
but for me    It is ten times enough
             I wonder why I am laughing...
              Oh, three or four years ago a blood vessel broke
               in my brain and they fixed it
                Today I am fine
                  I am back in school at GSU
                  I have free tuition and the borrowed money goes for rent
                   It is tough tho...Oh,I wrote a book
                         Operating Principle of the Universe      
               Still working on that
     Oh yeah, after all those years, guess what I found?
                Seems that idea I had and wrote about